About Gabriel


Gabriel Böhmer, Edinburgh, UK

Originally from Zurich, Gabriel Böhmer is a London based artist interested in memory, and dreams. His pieces draw on fleeting thoughts to build a narrative of the subconscious. Using minimal imagery and writing his work is often humorous, sometimes tragic, and always approaching the absurd.

Pieces can be purchased through here directly, Artfinder, or Saatchi Art.
Please send an email if you'd like to inquire about an artwork's availability, or a commission.

Publications/ Recognitions

British Council, Film Grant & Short Support Scheme - Apr 2018
Special Jury Mention, Clermont-Ferrand ISFF - Feb 2018
La Brasserie Du Court, Director Interview - Feb 2018
British Council, Film Grant & Short Support Scheme - Feb 2018
BBC, Artist Feature - Aug 2017
British Council, Film Grant & Short Support Scheme - Aug 2017
Artfinder, Summer Brochure - Jul 2017
Centre for Mental Health, Article Contribution - Jul 2017
Dezeen Magazine, Film Feature - Jan 2017
The Edinburgh Reporter, Exhibition Article - Sep 2016
Herald Scotland, Artist Feature - Jul 2016
Artfinder, Winter Catalogue - Dec 2015
The Storialist, Painting Featured in Poetry Journal - Nov 2015
Ogilvydo, Artist of the Month - Oct 2015
Dezeen Magazine, Film Feature - Aug 2015
Kickstarter, Successful Campaign for Novel - Feb 2013
The Open End, Fiction Contribution - Jan 2013

Exhibitions/ Screenings

Gnration, Labo Exhibition - Aug 2018
Indielisboa IFF, Film Screening - May 2018
Tabakalera, Labo Exhibition - Mar 2018
Clermont-Ferrand ISFF, Film Screening - Feb 2018
Edinburgh SFF, Film Screening - Nov 2017
FIAPF IFF Message to Man, Film Screening - Sep 2017
The Holloway Gallery, The White Glove Exhibition - Sep 2017
Hampton Court Palace, On The Edge - Jul 2017
Skepto International Film Festival, Film Screening - May 2017
The Edinburgh Gallery, In A Room - Mar 2017
The Edinburgh Gallery, Sitting In The Wrong Place - Dec 2016
The Edinburgh Gallery, Brothers In Arms - Nov 2016
The Edinburgh Gallery, The Sea - Sep 2016
Edinburgh Fringe Exhibition, Thunder Road - Aug 2016
Skepto International Film Festival, Film Screening - Apr 2016
My Hotel Chelsea, In Association with Artfinder - Sep 2015

Select Output

The Flood Is Coming, Short Film - Mar 2018
Beetle Trouble, Short Film - Jan 2017
Rain, Animated Music Video for Ber - Dec 2016
Tomorrow I'll Go Outside, Book of Paintings - Nov 2015
The Singing Gate, Animated Music Video for Ber - Jul 2015
Fort Growing, Music Album with Ber - Jun 2015
Beetle Days, A Novel - Jul 2013